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Product Evaluation Guidelines

Just as with the evaluation process for the "Good Housekeeping Seal", which has continued to remain so popular and trusted for many years, a product must include excellent production values, universal ethical values, appeal to children, be consistent with age appropriateness, and innovative value in order to be considered for acceptance by spinLife Freedom Foundation / enabled Veterans to become a recipient of spinLife Freedom Foundation / enabled Veterans - Seal of Approval.

The spinLife Freedom Foundation / enabled Veterans staff look for products that not only function effectively, but also enhance the experience simultaneously with an added edge. The products must actively contribute to improved convenience / capability / skill development in the age group for which they are designed. The products should have a strong durability level for extensive periods of reasonable use.

A very vital part of the scenario is that the company which produces the product should be dependable and stand behind its products. It should match descriptive information, age guidelines, and suggestions for use. It should also be independent lab tested if applicable.

PLEASE NOTE: Results of product evaluations which fail to meet our guidelines will not be released, except to the manufacturer who submitted the product for review.  We do not return products which are submitted, (unless arrangements have been made prior to start of product evaluation.)

Products are generally donated with all appropriate manuals, etc. to persons in the target market for which the product has been designed, children's wards at hospitals, schools, off-continent urgent concerns, special needs children, or charities for disadvantaged children for most beneficial use from the contribution of the product.